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As Efficient as Possible

I was referred to Alex on a matter and I have enjoyed making the acquaintance. Alex aggressively keeps me informed, in spite of the sometime slow wheels of the justice process, he has a way of keeping the process moving forward, taking what action that is necessary and prudent. He does so in as efficient a fashion as possible.

- Rick


An Exceptional Advocate

Alex has served as my outside counsel on several matters which were all resolved favorably. He has proven to be an exceptional advocate and works well with in-house counsel. I highly recommend Alex.

- Michael


He Is Your Man!

Alex not only provided outstanding representation along a 10-month journey against a former business partner, but he educated me about the process along the way. He kept me focused on all the details that made the difference in the final outcome. The preparation he required before the deposition was very important having never gone through anything so mentally challenging before. If he believes in you and your case, he is your man!

- Don


Tremendously Honest and Intelligent Litigator

Having Alex on our side was a blessing... we had to extricate a less than honest partner and their family members from our company. I have never experienced anything like this before and pray we never do again. The drama was intense. The experience was beyond anything I could have ever imagined and yet, throughout it all Alex was the voice of reason and calm. He guided us through the hell that we had to endure. He was extremely resilient, creative, and well versed on the law and our rights. He protected me, my partner, our families and our company. Without his help, we would have had to close our business. Gratefully, we are still in business and slowing but surely getting back on our feet after this experience. Our future looks bright and we are building our business with a team that is fully committed. Alex is a tremendously honest and intelligent litigator. We are so happy to have him on our team. Thank you Alex.

- Suzane


Extremely Responsive

Alex was a member of a law firm which handled a very important case for the company in which I was the Vice President/General Counsel. The case had a tremendous impact on the financial condition of the Company. All of the lawyers on the case were extremely diligent and long hours to achieve a very successful result. They were extremely responsive in keeping the Board of Directors and Senior Executives informed of the status and encouraged our participation in significant events, such as depositions, hearings and meditations.

- Anonymous


Honest, Fair and Expedient

Alex was honest, fair and expedient in resolving my case. He was not evasive with his fee structure and stuck to it. I did not get hit with a bill for every little 2 minute phone conversation or email that was superfluous. I now have him involved in another case where a contractor did substandard work. I refer him to anyone I know that needs his broad type of legal experience --

- Pamela


I Highly Recommend Attorney Alex Conti

I highly recommend Attorney Alex Conti if you are looking for an effective California litigator. I make this recommendation based on my personal experience with a dispute involving the probate Court of Orange County, California. The dispute had lasted five and half years with no visible progress until I retained Attorney Conti. He brought the dispute to a successful resolution in a little over six months. He was able to accomplish this by: (1) A masterly review of relevant case and statutory California law; (2) A superbly cost effective discovery which turned up evidence, in sworn testimony, of wrongful intent by the opposing party; and (3) A mediation brief that built such a strong case that the other party settled out of court, literally, on the steps to the Court house.

- Dr. Ugo Gagliardi